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Party branch upgraded party branch Huaye party building to new level
Classification:Huayan News author:超级管理员 source:本站 time:2022-04-14 13:33:29

This website news (Correspondent Tian Huan): The Party building of Huaye has reached a new level. On September 18th, at the joint meeting of the Party Working Group, the Party branch secretary Li Minli read out the relevant approval of the Lingxi Town Committee of the Communist Party of China. The Huaye Party branch was officially upgraded to the Party General Branch, and Li Minli was elected as the Party General Branch Secretary.

The Huaye Party Branch was established in June 2012. Although not established for a long time, the Party organization focuses on the work of the enterprise's production and operation center, highlighting the political core role of the Party organization and the exemplary role of party members, promoting enterprise production and operation, ensuring the healthy development of the enterprise, winning recognition and praise from enterprise owners and employees, and the influence of the Party organization continues to expand. The number of party members continues to increase. At present, there are more than 100 party members, and the party building atmosphere is strong. The enterprise is operating well and meets the basic conditions for establishing a general party branch. In order to better play the core role of the party organization, the Huaye Party Branch submitted an application to the Lingxi Town Committee of the Communist Party of China to establish a general party branch and obtained approval.


At the joint meeting of the Party, Labor and Youth League held on the same day, Li Minli, the leader of the Party organization, read out the approval and relevant documents of the Lingxi Town Committee of the Communist Party of China. According to the approval, Li Minli, Sun Nengjin, and Liu Xianmin are members of the Party General Branch, with Li Minli serving as the secretary, and Sun Nengjin and Liu Xianmin serving as organizational and propaganda members respectively. The General Party Branch consists of five branches, including the headquarters, Yunnan, Guizhou, Shandong, and Henan. Sun Nengjin, Lu Xingchu, Shi Jusheng, Li Yiyong, Lu Lixin, and others serve as secretaries of each branch.

Subsequently, the attendees discussed the future work of the Party, Labor and Youth League organization. On the basis of joint discussions, Secretary Li Minli pointed out that the Party organization of Huaye should strengthen organizational construction, do a good job in the development of active party members, integrate excellent and qualified employees into the Party organization, and establish and strengthen a strong and high-quality cadre of party members; Secondly, we need to continue to build two major promotional platforms, "Huaye Daily" and "Huaye Official Website", strengthen communication and exchange, and expand the influence of the Party organization; The third is to strengthen cooperation with the Human Resources Department based on the actual situation of Huaye's operation, do a good job in talent introduction, training, and other work, build party members and cadres into excellent talents of the enterprise, integrate party building culture into the construction of corporate culture, cultivate excellent employee teams for Huaye, and promote better and faster development of Huaye's operation.


At this meeting, the members of the Huaye Youth League branch were also adjusted, with Huang Zhen, Li Wen, and Zhang Wenwen being elected as members of the Youth League branch. Among them, Huang Zhen served as the secretary of the Youth League branch.